T/Dr Jacob Fenteng, CEO Of SANKOK Foundation Writes : Cleanliness and Climate change Is Everybody's Concern.

Jun 10, 2024 - 18:10
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T/Dr Jacob Fenteng, CEO Of SANKOK Foundation Writes : Cleanliness and Climate change Is Everybody's Concern.
T/Dr Jacob Fenteng is the Founder and CEO of SANKOK Foundation

On Friday 7th June, 2024, together with the community members, Sanitized Communities Konnect (SANCOK) Foundation planted 350 trees in all the principal streets and farmlands at Tsyome Afedo Community.

 The trees planted include Mahogany, Thick, Acacia, Afram and Cashew.

 I advised the community members to take care of the trees and make sure that they are well grown. School children also participated in the tree planting exercise and planted trees on their school compound.

The Chief of Tsyome Afedo Traditional Area, Togbe Agorku III, thanked SANCOK Foundation for planting trees in his community and said they are happy to be part of the Green Ghana Day.

 He promised the foundation that he would see to it that all the trees planted are protected and grown very well.well

 The Assembly Member for the Tsyome Afedo Electoral Area, Martin Champion Dei, also thanked SANCOK Foundation for coming to plant trees in one of his Communities.

Mr Dei stated that planting of trees has been his dream ever since he became an assembly member.

 "Climate Change is affecting everywhere in the world including Tsyome Afedo community, the Assembly Member said" he stressed.

He advised the community members to constantly nurture the trees until they are all grown.

 In all, over 250 community members participated in the tree planting exercise.

Sancok Foundation - cleanliness and climate change, our concern. Green Ghana Day (GGD) - plant trees wherever you are.

The mission of Sancok Foundation is to partner with Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDA) to attain open defecation free status and promote Eco -Tourism by introducing good water, sanitation and tree planting in communities.

It is the vision of Sancok Foundation to promote good sanitation and Ecotourism through innovative solutions, community engagement and sustainable practices to reduce the impact of climate change.

 Our core values are commitment, working together, caring for climate change, respect for human race and excellent achievement.

 Objectives of Sancok FoundationFoundation

 To identify communities in critical need to improve their sanitation and plant more trees. Engage with partners to create sustainable clean environmental practices, initiate community field actions to improve sanitation and tree planting of the identified communities.

 To do follow up, monitoring and education to ensure project continuity.

The Writer, Jabob Fenteng, is a Trained Herbal Doctor (T/Dr) from the University of Ghana but currently working at Ho teaching Hospital.

T/Dr Jacob Fenteng is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sanitized Communities Konnect (SANCOK) Foundation.

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